Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding Part 2

The wedding is over and we've all come home again. It sort of feels like the day after Christmas. We had so much fun and got a chance to reconnect with so many relatives and friends. Best of all my sister is very happy and her husband is a wonderful addition to our family.

The day of the wedding was magical. Leading up to that day the weather had been partly cloudy. The morning of the wedding I looked outside and there was a clear blue sky with no clouds in sight. It got very warm actually, around 85*F by the end of the day but it was gorgeous for the pictures and perfect, especially since the ceremony was outside. The ceremony went very smoothly and my favorite parts were the song my brother Liam and sister Beth sang together, Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, as well as the vows which were written by Mary and Ryan and were beautiful and had everyone near tears.

The reception was amazing, great food and a wonderful band. It felt so joyful and many of my relatives were there as well as some dear friends. It made me think of what heaven must be like. Mia danced for four hours before she fell asleep in Jason's arms and we had to go up to our room and put her to sleep. A lot of my cousins came with their children so all of the new generation of kids in the family got to play and dance together, perilously close to the cake, which was entertaining to watch. After Mary and Ryan cut the cake we left to put Mia down and then got to watch the fireworks from our room. It was a wonderful night.

The next morning Mary and Ryan hosted a brunch for all of the wedding guests that had stayed the night at the hotel, so we got to say goodbye to all of our family and promise to see them all again soon. The last couple of days we spent in Portland packing up and doing laundry.

We made the journey home on the fourth, Jason got on our flight with us which was great; he avoided a 6 hour layover in the SEA-TAC airport. Flying in we are always so shocked at how small and isolated our city looks. Compared to Portland we basically live in the sticks. A friend of mine says we squat in the woods with about 100,000 other people.

So home again to play with our dog, who got bigger, and do all the home things we do. It's a lot less shopping because we have a lot less places to shop. I miss my sisters who I got to see every day while I was down there. We even got to watch Anne of Green Gables one night which is like Purcell-girl heaven for those of you who don't know this already. Mia misses her aunts and uncles and getting to play with her cousin. It feels much farther away than normal. Realizing we have to take two planes and a good deal is $800 per ticket just to get to the rest of the country... le sigh. I will go re-read the "write your name in the land" blog entry now, because believe it or not the cranberries are ripe already in some areas of town and you know what that means. Winter is just around the corner. 

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