Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm on Team Coco

I don't want to be a follower, but more importantly I don't want to be thought of as a follower. Regardless, I have recently decided to boldly declare my allegiance to Team Coco, for the simple reason that it's been making me laugh. And if a supposedly funny person can do that, I say job well done. In the spirit of my new-found devotion, I wrote a poem the other morning when I glanced in the mirror and realized I am becoming Conan O'Brien. Prepare to be brutalized by poetry written by a woman before she has eaten breakfast:

Dear Conan,

I wake up in the morning looking a lot like you
Yeah I've even got a vein under my eye, it's true
Did I mention I'm part Irish, it explains a lot
The weird part is I'm female and I'm...... 22.
We don't have anything else in common
Except I laugh at your jokes
When I saw your facial vein, though
I knew I had to give your fb page a poke.

Hold the applause, I know everyone loves my poetry. If you are vomiting, I did warn you. Disclaimer: If you are not nice to me about my poetry and go to extra work to mock my poetry, my actual eye vein will eat you. And now the frosting for this delicious piece of poetry-cake, a picture of me, resembling Conan:

And a close-up of my eye-vein:

You are welcome world.