Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Rant from Righteous Ronnie...

Dear Woman who waved at me to "slow down",

Number one, I don't like you. So just know that for starters. Also I was going the speed limit. So mind your own business. Also, I am watching for you. The next time you wave at me I will stop my car and get out and then we can talk face to face. Also, if you are so worried about me hitting your (stupid) little dogs then here's a thought: leash them or fence them, I really don't care. The next time I see them on the road I will call Animal Control. Your dogs are a nuisance and could cause an accident. Here is the link to the Borough Ordinance regarding Animal Ownership. Also if you don't like living on a 30 mph road you shouldn't have moved there. To recap: You and I are probably not destined to be pals. Stop waving at people, it's rude and you obviously need your speed perception checked since I was really really really going the speed limit. Restrain your animals.

I get why you waved at me, you thought I was speeding and you took it upon yourself to be a corrective force in the neighborhood. You probably also feel that owning a home in the area you do gives you the right, nay, the responsibility to be slightly snooty and condescending. It's fine if I was actually speeding. Or if your death traps of miniature dogs weren't running wild. But you were wrong, and then some more wrong so if you apologize and admit to everything I think we can move on.

Sincere Regards,
Righteous Ronnie (yes that job is already taken)

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