Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Cried For You..

My brother Johnny introduced me to this song last year and I am addicted to it. I couldn't even listen to it without crying, well at least the first hundred times or so. Then I couldn't sing it without making myself cry; I find it actually quite handy to have a reliable trigger for crying valve release. Unfortunately the effectiveness has worn off as I've continued to listen to it, play it on the piano, watch the music video, etc. I've explored more by Katie Melua since then and am completely entranced. I encourage you to try her stuff on for a day and see if it's a good fit for you. She recently released a recording in concert with the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra and she is a top caliber vocalist and artist. If you have to start somewhere listening to her stuff, I recommend this order:

1. I Cried For You
2. Nine Million Bicycles
3. If The Lights Go Out
4. Just Like Heaven
5. It's Only Pain
6. The Flood
7. And my current favorite, featured in the movie "The Tourist", No Fear of Heights

I leave you with the video for I Cried For You, beware it's a little weird and if you find it distracting just listen; the music is heartbreaking and beautiful.

P.S. Mia loves this video and requests it over and over again. It has sparked a great discussion about computer animation.

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