Friday, July 15, 2011

1300 Things To Be Grateful For

I recently started following a blog and the author, who got the idea from another author, is doing a project called 1300 Things To Be Grateful For. The idea is a great one and every week I am going to try and emulate her by listing 25 things from the previous week that I am grateful for. The project will end next year around July 15th.

These will appear in no particular order and there is no time like the present so here are my first twenty-five things. I really do feel blessed and I think it's really good for my mental health to remember just how much I am blessed.

1. My husband being back from out of town.
2. My daughter.
3. My extended family. You all rock!
4. Amazing friends.
5. My cute dog, who at this moment is destroying an empty coconut water box.
6. Coconut water. Much better for you than gatorade and very good at replacing electrolytes.
7. Organic oolong tea.
8. The color green.
9. Electricity. You make my life so easy.
10. Free blogging.
11. I'm glad I have all my limbs.
12. Nice strangers, especially medical professionals.
13. Hot running water.
14. Lots of books.
15. Homemade macaroni and cheese.
16. Long chats with dear friends.
17. A hug from someone when you really need it.
18. The Daily Show with John Stewart.
19. Rainy days.
20. Meet me in St. Louis, the movie starring Judy Garland.
21. The person who taught me to crochet, thanks Joyce!
22. Sourdough starter.
23. My new phone.
24. My computer, it helped me get back into the world again after a period of new-mom isolation.
25. Toothpaste.

Stay tuned for next week's list, I promise to stay with this project as long as I don't find it oppressive and choking and I am still enjoying it.


  1. Meet Me in St. Louis at the Granada Theater in 1998 with uncle John and I. Michael was 8. Oh and your handsome cousin Patrick played the "Boy next Door" spring of 2010 in his school musical. I love your blog Sheila....Love you
    Aunt Lisa+♥

  2. I remember that so well! It was completely entrancing and we'd never seen the movie so it was all fresh to us. Then when we left for Seattle afterwards, Uncle Tim rented the movie for us and created two life-long addicts, which we initiated Beth into, and now I've got Mia hooked! It's a great fall movie, Christmas movie, and anytime really! I love you too Aunt Lisa!