Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Really Awesome Chicken Salad

Ok, I was craving Chicken Salad this week (not chicken cut up on salad which could also be called Chicken Salad), so I dug way back in my email archives where I saved a recipe from a former co-worker (really cool lady with mad skills at making chicken salad) and I hereby present it to you!

Here is the email in abbreviated form:

Well we all had a taste of Tina Cox-Cole's amazing chicken salad over the holidays and I did get the recipe. Here it is, enjoy!

1 large can boneless white chicken
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1 pkg. of Hidden Valley Ranch, (though she said other ranch mixes work just as well)
1 c. milk
1 c. mayo
1 dollop sour cream
dash garlic salt
dash celery salt
little pepper
little dill
fresh garlic and/or celery are optional.

Serve with crackers. Or I suppose you could put it on bread. Thanks and have a great day. Sheila

I made it with three cans of chicken since I had smaller cans on hand; the jumbo can of chicken that the recipe calls for was not in stock at Sam's Club when I went last. Just use the amount of chicken that seems right to you. I did put a little more salt than the recipe says, but I probably shouldn't have since a little less would have been better I think. I did not opt for the garlic or celery and I didn't miss them. Anyway I have been eating this on crackers for lunch for around three days now and it is really, really good. Thanks Tina, even though you may never read this, you are being appreciated this week.

Tune in next time for a super cool thing I just discovered that makes guacamole construction way easier!


  1. Yum. Now I'm starving. :) I bet Liam would love that. Man I need to start cooking more. My poor husband. Sheila. I LOVE your blog! I've been checking it out everytime you post and have been meaning to leave you a message. The only hinderance to this is my lamo keyboard. BUT now that it's fixed I can comment!!!! I know, I know, try to contain your excitement :)
    So yeah, Mia is getting so big and so beautiful. Don't you love this whole mommy thing? I think You and Jason should move yourselves and your cute little lady down here so we can have playdates! Oh boy this is getting long. Okay, that's all for now. Does one giant comment take the place of several?

  2. Thanks Ashley! I really do credit you as inspiration to start one... I admired yours for a year before I finally was able to get it going. Yeah, that chicken salad is so good, it is like 24 grams of protein per 2/3 of a cup, so it makes you not hungry for a few hours after, I love it!
    I really am glad for your keyboard, that would drive me nuts. Yeah I really love being a mom, she is so fun to hang out with. She keeps me smiling with all her ridiculously cute antics. Man it would be fun to have the cousins really know each other. Oh well I guess we'll have to see where God puts us in the next few years. Yes your giant comment does count for at least 5 comments... =)