Saturday, August 15, 2009

Check the Times...

Well my new-found commitment to working out every day is facing it's first challenge. 6:10 AM: I gulp down two cups of water and excitedly change into my gym clothes. 6:13 AM: I quietly sneak outside and drive the two blocks to my gym, after wiping copious amounts of condensation off the windshield (which in a matter of weeks will be frost). 6:14 AM: I arrive at the gym. It really is only 2 blocks away. I celebrate; I'm one of only two cars in the parking lot!!! I will have the gym to myself... but I quickly discover that's only if I break in. Which, although I am committed, I am not willing to go to jail for that commitment. Or work out in the dark - scary. I guess the gym opens at 7 on the weekends, and that's when Jason has to go to work, so I am up the proverbial creek without a treadmill. Luckily the gym is so close; it would have been a much bigger disappointment had it taken me 15 minutes to drive there versus 1. Why do I drive rather than walk you say? Well in a few short weeks it will be pitch dark/freezing cold... all the time. I am establishing a routine that I can put on autopilot. At five and six in the morning, autopilot will be a necessity. Now I will wait for Jason to finish his 20 minute job and try to go again. I am curious to see if there will be a lot of people once it's actually open.

Okay if you commute don't be a hater, but Jason's job (setting up asbestos monitoring pumps for a demo) is literally 30 seconds away. It is on our street. I can see it from our house - nothing political intended. =) The building that is getting demolished is the Captain Bartlett Inn. A couple guys from Seattle bought it and have unknown plans for the property... but I will share as soon as I find out.

Here's a question maybe one of you can answer for me: If I wear the free shirt the gym gives out does it make me a a dweeb? These and other meaningful conundrums seem to be foremost on my sleep-deprived brain. I don't feel presently equipped to solve these problems, but I do feel oddly giddy. (People like myself don't need controlled substances, just less than 6 hours of sleep will do just fine.) Signing off in hopes of a nap...Sheila


  1. I'm thinking about starting an auto pilot routine like this. It all started with me having a job where I sit on my butt all day, sewing a dress that is too small even though it's about 6 sizes bigger than what I usually wear, and me refusing to store winter warmth. Thanks for inviting me to your blog!

  2. Better luck next time sheila...I would write something more clever but joe and I are fighting over our one computer at a local Kaladi Brothers...I want to do online shopping and talk to people and Joe wants to know what Brett Farve is doing with his life (who cares!)....

  3. M- No problem, you are welcome anytime... an update. I sorta hurt my foot and so am taking a couple days off. Jason: "you're limping so maybe you should take a break." Me: "Really??? Are you sure...I don't want to wuss out...ok, pass the cookies."
    R- Yeah, I feel good I went four times in a row, but when I go back I will try the eliptical instead of the treadmill due to the above-mentioned injury. I guess I will have to start writing about the NFL to get Joe as a reader. Oh my gosh I am bored already, so maybe not. =)