Saturday, August 22, 2009


The last three years have seen a lot of changes. This month we have the end of an era with our dear friends Dan and Anjee moving to Canada. Joe and Rebecca have also moved away, but not as far and not forever. Last night we all had a chance to exchange goodbyes. I was fine until Mia started waving goodbye to Dan and Anjee, looking out the window, saying "By-ai" in her plaintitive voice. We have enjoyed many a winter night playing Wii Bowling or (pre-kids) having LOTR marathons. Summer trips to Chena Lakes enjoying the only beach in Fairbanks. We've devoured pasta and guacamole and lots of fajitas. We've had beers and burgers, walks and volleyball games. Weddings, births, and death. We've experienced a lot together and it is now a new chapter. Cheers to new beginnings and to memories of auld lang syne.

Mia loves her baby.

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