Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sheila's Illegal Salon Part 4 & Mia In Pink Sweater

You may find that, as the weather gets colder, Illegal Salon activity increases. Today is deceptively gorgeous-looking but the actual temperature is hovering slightly above freezing. So I trimmed my bangs today. I like the bangs but it got me looking at the rest of the hair. I am going for length ultimately, but I realized that one side looks shorter than the other. The problem is, I like the longer side better... I could go and get it professionally fixed, but knowing me I probably will attempt to solve the problem myself and if I botch it then I'll call someone. Or I could just put stuff in it to hide it until it grows out to the length of the good side and then trim up the good side. The cutting is the quick part. The recovering from the cutting takes so much longer.

I dressed Mia in her pink sweater this morning. It was a gift last year from Bill and Vladia, friends of my Grandma Anne. At one point she had the hood up and her sunglasses on and resembled a baby Jackie O. You can also see from the picture above that Mia's been playing with my makeup brush lately and enjoying it tremendously. The only downside is sometimes I find it in weird places like the floor of the laundry room, or I catch it being used as a general dusting tool on the sink and toilet. Yuck.

Climbing on the toilet is a new fun thing that she is doing lately. Mostly it is done when I am in the shower and from the toilet she can flick the lights off and on and turn on the water in the sink. Occasionally she falls from her standing position on the toilet and then I leap out of the shower sopping wet to comfort her and encourage her to go do something else. Last time she fell on top of the trash can, which of course was full, and wedged herself in between the wall and the toilet... I'll have my quiet, peaceful showers back when she goes to college. Now that I think of it, I don't really mind the drama that much. =)


  1. Great picture, Sheila! She's a cutie-pie! Enjoy this adventurous age. Bob one time woke up and found Ali curled up on the back of the toilet in the middle of the night. They're creative!

  2. Thanks Mel! That's funny about Ali... lucky for me she still sleeps in a crib and so far hasn't figured out how to climb out! I feel it coming though as I am rescuing her off of high things many times daily now...