Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brunch and other Happenings

I refuse to believe that it is now afternoon. Also that snow will fall in fifteen weeks. This morning I made brunch which I always feel is the best food in town. When the day comes where I will actually be able to go to a restaurant in Fairbanks and get the same quality of breakfast food that I can make at home at a reasonable price, I will be amazed and that place of business will have my loyalty.

The menu for this morning was:

- Nitrate-free bacon
- Stove-top strawberry compote
- Whipped cream
- Sour Cream Waffles Recipe by Art Smith
- Fried eggs

In case you think we eat like this every day... no. It's Sunday and the first of four days off for Jason, and I'm a little bit in party mode. Tomorrow it's back to the high-fiber cereal everyone. Today the blur of summer makes me feel unproductive, the sky is moody, blue and fluffy white clouds in parts and dark foreboding in others. The wind is playing on the waters of Mia's kiddie pool. The curtains are blowing in the windows and the air smells intoxicating.

I've had my one cup of coffee and as it grows ever closer to one o'clock in the afternoon, I'm casually entertaining thoughts of changing out of my bathrobe and actually attempting some productivity. I have grand schemes of reorganizing everything but it's more in the dream phase today. Perhaps I will do just enough to trick myself into thinking I deserve that nap on cool sheets, light streaming in.

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  1. I've thought much the same lately. Debbie and I have gone to fine dining restaurants a couple of times recently and gotten poorly prepared food served indifferently. Why bother? I can do so much better at home.

    Try substituting yogurt for sour cream in that waffle recipe sometime. It does about the same thing as sour cream, makes them light and tangy, but you'll feel virtuous for using yogurt instead of guilty for using sour cream.