Saturday, August 20, 2011

1300 Things: Week 5

Missed a week so we'll pick up here. Instead of blogging and stuff I helped Mia get over a very violent 24 hour flu. Which thankfully Jason and I did not seem to get so there's number one:
101. Jason and I did not get the flu this week.
102. Yesterday. After rain and cloudiness off and on the past few days, it was 70*F and windy, blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Instead of doing chores or errands Mia and I went to the park and rode the train, played on the equipment, ate our lunch and had a few bites of overpriced ice cream. It was amazing.
103. My new-found pizza crust recipe (it's thin and maybe needs a little tweaking but I think I have a winner:
104. This song by Jem:

I often find I'm behind the times in discovering artists. I don't know why but better late than never. I really like it.
105. The word "ramekins". Say it a few times. Say it as if it's the answer to the evil plans you have for world domination. Following up with maniacal laughter won't hurt. You'll get what I mean.
106. French onion soup. You see, that goes very well with ramekins.
107. This cool metal jewelry tree
from, a fair trade importing company.
108. This is a (semi) deep one that I've been thinking about for the last few weeks. Ever since I turned thirty-one (not thirty, that didn't really make the difference), I find almost everything is easier. Standing up for myself, picking blueberries, cooking, peeling apples, I don't know, you name it, it's easier then it's ever been. Not that I've arrived, I just feel like I've been doing this thing called life long enough to maybe not give a crap anymore? The struggle of life seems less. I care less about what people think, and just in general feel more comfortable in my own skin. I like myself more than I did in my twenties. So for all of you out there behind me and not sure you are wanting to head this way, trust me it's freaking awesome! For those of you older than me, so does it keep getting better or does it hit the fan at a certain point?
109. Anderson Cooper finally lost it! You can watch him laugh himself silly here.
110. I am grateful the US is taking a stand in regards to the crisis in Syria this week. You can read about it here. Our President has called for Syria's President Assad to leave office as well as instituting serious sanctions. Yeah that's right I'm happy about something our government is doing. Amazing isn't it?
111. This informative website regarding slave-free chocolate.
112. This amazing recipe for vegan lemon scones with vegan clotted cream. I made these and I am not vegan but if that's what vegans get to eat then I am a jealous omnivore.
113. Baby Can I Hold You by Tracy Chapman:

114. My personal "Find the best tiramisu in town" challenge. Several different tests must be made at each location to ascertain, scientifically, the superior product. Results will be forthcoming at a much later date. (This study could take several years.) Last night's was from Gamberdella's Pasta Bella and was perfectly creamy with a dense but not dry cake.
115. Mia's current pretend name: Lollipop
116. The fact that she spends about 20% of her day pretending to be a lion and roaring. Although it can get annoying (think Lion King fight scene on endless loop), I know I will miss it when she grows up.
117. My friend and constant companion, the hot pink Nalgene water bottle.
118. Tillamook sharp cheddar.
119. Excercise TV.
120. Fall is around the corner, one of my favorite seasons in Fairbanks. I love how everything smells and it's very comfortable and reassuring.
121. My new cookbooks by Heidi Swanson.
122. I am grateful that chocolate cures me of headaches. (Ibuprofen just isn't as fun.)
123. I am grateful for this website; it inspires me and I can spend hours looking at it!
124. Supportive places on the interwebs for people with IBD, like this.
125. Getting to see family, hi Josh it's nice to have you in my living room right now!

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  1. I've been to the Tillamook cheese factory to have their "special" sharp cheddar. And their ice cream. It's yummy. And yes, watching Anderson lose it was awe-some!