Saturday, August 6, 2011

1300 Things: Week 4

A continuation of things I am very grateful for:

75. Snoqualmie Falls Lodge Pancake and Waffle mix
76. This song sung by The Frames
77. Ripe chokecherries, I think they are shiny.. (oooo, shiny!!!)
78. Southwest Sandwiches
79. My shamrock plant, thank you for still being alive. I know it's been a hard life and I appreciate all you've had to go through to hang in there. Keep on keeping on.
80. This song by The Civil Wars
81. The free piano I inherited. SCORE!
82. Gustav Klimt

83. Walking barefoot on cold ground.
84. Sharp hair scissors.
85. Funnel cake
86. Thai iced tea
87. Smoked salmon. Add cream cheese, a cracker, and you have dinner!
88. The look of joy on Mia's face when we took her on the Dragon Swing ride at the fair today.
89. How big she looked riding a horse all by herself today.
90. That my husband, after working 60 hours or so this week, wanted to take us all to the fair as soon as he got off for the weekend.
91. That Mia uses kitchen utensils as microphones just like I did when I was a little girl.
91. Pointillism
92. Dry mustard
93. This book, well loved in childhood, I was able to get a copy of it last year.
94. The smell of Country Kitchen.
95. The fact that I was able to keep Bando from eating the dead bird he found in our yard tonight. As gross as that was, it would have been ten times worse had he eaten it.
96. This awesome book about gnomes.
97. The discovery of pretzels dipped in spicy mustard, umm yes please!
98. The endless possibilities when bananas get too ripe.
99. Creamer's Field
100. One day of really nice weather after *someone* (weatherperson) said there was a frost advisory... as far as I know it didn't happen! Take that, evil winter!

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