Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Funny Thing...

Yesterday Mia and I went on errands. Our last stop was at Old Navy. Greeting us as we walked in the door was a huge display of several mannequins, including a dog mannequin. Mia was stoked to say the least. As I chatted with a friend, Mia petted the dog, stroked the mannequins, climbed the display, was told to get down off the display, etc. Just as my conversation was wrapping up, Mia touched (tackled?) one of the lady mannequins. It fell over backwards, its head flying over the wall and into the register area, bending the cardboard palm tree. I encouraged my friend to run since I thought the mannequin police were going to get us right there. She quickly left and then returned. "I can't just leave you here like this!" I guess she is more compassionate than myself; my first thought was to get her away from the scene of the crime so they'd have less people to sue. I requested the head from a staff member working the registers. It snapped back on easily. I considered a second career at Old Navy. My friend held the stand while I slid the leg of the mannequin back on it. As we were checking out, I said, "Sorry about the mannequin." I should have just left well enough alone! The cashiers exchanged looks and then one said, "Oh, that was you!" Yep. Pretty much a given since I just apologized. Anyway... I told them they knew where to find me if she started complaining of dizziness, "We'll pay medical..." I offered kindly. But they let me know the mannequins have a really good benefits package so all's well that ends well.

Mia learns chopsticks. She's a natural; I guess she didn't realize they were hard so they aren't.

Generally looking angelic.

Cuddling with Daddy.

Mia-rella. She actually requested to use the broom but her look here of indentured servitude is perfect. She also suggested that I take this picture, so none of this is my doing.


  1. Funny about the med bene's and the manniquins ... LOL! I have a pic of my son with a broom - I titled it "I'm sooooo tired!" HA! She's getting much bigger ...

  2. Oh man! I love it! Liam cannot keep his little hands off of those things! so so funny. I love her. Your photos are really sweet too!

  3. Too funny! LOVE the Old Navy story - and it's great to get an update and some Mia pix!!