Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowman Drama Continued...

We thought it was over. We had frightened the snowman vandals away. But then they came back and knocked his dear head to smithereens (I believe that makes six times?). So... we plotted to go to the kid's house and talk to his parents. But before we got the chance, I happened to see the little guys walking down the street. I shouted, "Jason, there they are, go talk to them!" He got his shoes on and bolted down the street. Where he had a very good conversation with them, letting them know that if they put one more foot on our property, we would call the police. They have now been fairly warned. Jason got a great look at the main perp's face and now can pick him out of a line-up. And I put the snowman's head back on, again. I still haven't decorated the face, but it's been pretty cold and in order to do it right, I use water and bare hands. So far, his head has stayed on. We won't presume it's over just yet. They have proved to have remarkable persistence. Nonetheless, we aren't your meek and mild type either. So bring it on kids. We'll be waiting... hahahaha! (Evil laughter, but for a good cause.)

Do I want these kids to end up in juvenile hall for vandalizing a snowman? No, I think that would severely damage their street cred among other things. But I do believe that the sooner they learn there are consequences for bad behavior, the better. And if we are the tools (no pun intended) that are used in the process, then great. We really dislike the idea of cowering in fear waiting to see what this renegade group of sixth graders are going to do next. They have also been accused of unplugging people's cars, which is very unfunny when you're trying to start them at -20*F. If they get away with killing people's snowmen, then they might think they can do whatever they want and start causing some real damage. The line has to be drawn somewhere. And hopefully they'll grow up to make a snowman of their own that's worth protecting. Because that's my definition of a productive member of society. If you can make a good snowman, you're in the club. And of course, I'm pretty sure I've arrived. =)


  1. I totally admire you & Jason! If these kids don't get called on little things now, they'll end up in the paper for big things later. You go!! (I'm also very glad to see the blogger back in action; I missed you!)

  2. WOW! The snowmen my kids made didn't last that long - yours is a work of art ... :)
    You get 'em - and you're showing your daughter the way society SHOULD act ... :)