Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why it's Bad to Judge People...

I was sitting all alone in the waiting room at Public Health the other day, when this guy walks in and sits down. He didn't check in at the front desk, just seats himself in the waiting room and sort of settles in. Mildly irritated that I now have to share the entire waiting room with one other person, I begin thinking, what is this guy's deal? Why didn't he check in? Does he think this is just a good place to hang out during the day? And other generally hostile thoughts. I like to be alone sometimes, so sue me. Then a nicely-groomed woman walks out from the back. She stops at the front desk and leans over to talk to the receptionist. So this man is totally checking out her *derrière* (click on the word if you don't get my meaning...) and I'm thinking, "Wow! So that's what he does here all day. What a perv!" Righteously indignant at this point, I begin to worry about what might happen when I have to stand up. The woman goes to leave, the man stands up to join her and she says, "So where do you want to go?" He says, "How about that sandwich place we always go to?"

You may have guessed by now, but what I observed was a husband picking up his wife during her lunch break and it appears...shock!... that he is attracted to his OWN wife. What a perv. I couldn't hold in my mirth after I had my Session O'Judgment shattered by truth, so I shared it with the office staff there at Public Health and they all enjoyed that very much. Then when I realized she worked there, I gave my permission for them to share the story with her. They said they were going to anyway. *Sheila the public health comic strikes again* (I swear, sometimes I can't take me anywhere...)


  1. LOL! I had a great laugh all thru this one. They are MANY things that I think sometimes. Esp. the "so sue me!" LOL! You are HILARIOUS!
    Thanks for the chuckle. :)

  2. hahaha!!! Sheila you are hysterical!