Thursday, November 5, 2009

Camera Broken, Delilah AWOL

Well the camera I thought was indestructible found its limit. So I'll have to just use words for a while. And in other news of the day, the promise I made (unbidden) to my cousin to not cut my hair for thirty days... I have stuck to so far. Makes it easier when you're starting out with a good cut.

We're getting ready for another trip, this time to Florida. I think I would like to eat an orange, sitting by a pool, soaking in the sun. When we come back it will be just in time to begin the holiday season, seems like this last month has gone by really fast.

And my final thought for the night: Bananas are good. So that tells you I'm too tired to blog any more and won't make you all die of boredom, at least from this post. =)

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