Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Baby Don't Mess Around...

I don't think I did anything to deserve this, but I am very blessed. =) Let me tell you how. When I got pregnant I did nothing to influence the baby to turn out in a specific way. To be straight with you, there was a lot of chocolate ice cream, mac'n'cheese, gummy-vites, and indie rock. It was not a formula for anything except to maximize my comfort. What came out was more than a miracle. I had a baby masseuse.

She loves to play with lotion, which is how I discovered this little talent. And if I keep putting dabs on my feet, she will rub them forever. =) She's having fun, so don't worry. She's very good at it, too, which doesn't hurt a thing! She may have inherited this from her father, who is better than awesome at giving massages. (Hooray!)

The other thing is that she must have been born knowing how to give amazing compliments. We were thumbing through a Fitness magazine together (no I have not been working out lately) and flipped past a picture of what looked like a Swedish supermodel on a ski slope wearing sunglasses and a white jacket, and she stops and says, "Mama?" and points to the picture. I didn't want to correct the poor dear... so I said, "Yes, that looks like Mama doesn't it, you angel!" What a nice kid. Tempts me again to go platinum for her so I'm closer to the picture. All for her of course, has nothing at all to do with my ego. =)

Stay tuned for more when we get back to Fairbanks... we are getting lots of amazing pics in Florida thanks to our new camera, I guess the old one breaking was a blessing in disguise.

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  1. I'm SOOOOO gonna try that with titus! just the other day I was trying to show him how to rub my feet and saying, "nice..." "oooh, that's nice..." etc. but it didn't catch. he, however, loves lotion, so I'm going to pray your technique works!!!! yay! I'll let ya know ;)