Tuesday, October 20, 2009

John C. Reilly, Bane Of My Existence

My husband Jason and I have a little game we play that's been going on for pretty much our whole marriage. It's a friendly betting game, friendly because I usually win... The deal is, we see some actor or actress in a movie or show on TV and say, "Hey that's the dude from that one movie!" Then the other person says, "No way, no how. They may resemble that person, but this is a completely different guy/gal." Then the first person says, you wanna bet... you get the picture. The stakes are usually a 10-minute back-rub.

Well the other night we were watching "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore and her rough-around-the-edges boss... and Jason says, "Hey that's the same guy that's in Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell." Here's a picture of the actor in question:

So then I say: "No way, that is not the same dude, no, they just look a lot alike.... " What should have tipped me off to the extremely unfortunate outcome of this particular game was my slight feeling of confusion. I was having a hard time picturing the guy from Talladega Nights as I made the bet, which doesn't usually happen to me... I have been blessed with a great memory and a penchant for details, essentially making this the perfect game for me. Jason, sensing my impending doom, raised the stakes. I went for the 10-minute back-rub, while he chose a homemade rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes dinner. Quite a decent prize.

I ran off to the computer to check images of Talladega Nights... and it's the same guy. Crud. Worse than having to pay up is my broken winning streak and I feel a sinister lack of recognition confidence.

Here's a picture of John C. Reilly from Talladega Nights:

I'm blaming it on the mustache.


  1. I think it's the suit too - my eyes - my eyes! LOL! My hubby and I have had the SAME discussion - but w/out any bet ... ya - I usually lose ...

  2. I enjoy reading what you write...feels like I'm with you ;)