Friday, October 9, 2009

All Is Well...

Turns out my hair was not ruined by me, myself, and I. Almost but not quite. It really pays to know a good hairdresser (professionally trained) who knows what she is doing and can fix my experiments. Thank you very much Miriam, I love my cut and think it will help me grow it out much more comfortably. I have not put down the scissors though, so never fear, Sheila's Illegal Salon will be back at it soon... maybe we'll just focus on the hairs of others for a while and leave mine to their happy little follicle lives.

I did pick up a real hair-cutting cape today and a new pair of sharp, glorious scissors... sorry to disappoint all of you who had grown accustomed to wearing a black garbage bag and roasting inside said garbage bag for the duration of your hair procedures. Because I like to think of the Illegal Salon as a spa, too. We'll have to figure out something else if you still want the sauna experience, but I think overall the cape will be an improvement. Also dull scissors did have that special signature effect, but all I can say is we're changing with the times.

Give me a call and let me take a whack at it! (I'm testing out slogans... I really like this one...)

Below is the fully functioning new hair and you literally can't style it wrong. It's versatile and awesome!!!


  1. I don't think you're every going to let your hair grow out, Sheila :D

  2. Oh Joey, all I needed was a little challenge... I promise I shall not take scissors to my hair for 30 days. Ouch. That's going to be a lot harder to actually do than it was to write... =)