Friday, July 17, 2009

Project Braids

The other night I put Mia's hair in braids for the first time. It took about 10 minutes plus due to lots of wiggling... then getting a picture of them took another 15 minutes. She likes to move! Anyway I thought they were pretty adorable. Then in the morning we had to wake her up early to go to Grandma's and only one braid was still in. I took a picture of her sleeping before I woke her up since we don't really see her sleeping all that much anymore now that she's in her own room. These days the first thing she says in the morning is "Melmo?" (It used to be "Ba" for bottle but it has recently switched.) I now know why parents shell out for Elmo DVD's.... =) I think there should be a movie made of adults doing their Elmo impersonations. I think mine is pretty good and would like to win some sort of prize for it. Also a drawing contest of who can draw him the best; I would definitely not win that one, especially since we lost our red crayon. I really never saw the appeal before Mia, in fact I found him annoying, but not anymore. Elmo is definitely an aquired taste. I have succumbed.

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