Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breakfast and Ponytails

I've really been enjoying breakfast lately and my favorite breakfast to make is a scrambled egg concoction that goes like this:

Saute one chopped zucchini and several sliced mushrooms in about 1 TBS of butter til soft, then season to taste with granulated garlic and salt. Pour your whisked eggs over this, then add cubed turkey ham and grated cheddar cheese to taste... when the eggs are cooked top with a little more grated cheese, a dollop of sour cream and some dried chopped chives (fresh would be even better) for aesthetic appeal. Serve with some chopped fruit and wala... you have my Sunshine Platter (Plateau Soleil if you would like to get fancy) and from a person who has eaten this about a billion times in the last couple of weeks, it does not get old. Here is a picture of the breakfast:

Yes the backdrop is butcher paper taped to our kitchen table that Mia had been coloring on, but I don't think it changed the taste. And it was... delicious! Drop a line or give me a call if you are in the area and want me to make some for you. It. Is. SO. Good.

After breakfast yesterday I finally caught Mia and put a ponytail in her hair; it's just long enough to almost get it all back with help from a couple clips. I wouldn't even bother for everyday, but her bangs get in her eyes if I don't do something with it and we don't want to cut her hair. The results are pretty fun:

Today Oma came over and brought pink ribbon for Mia's hair so we can switch it out with the purple. I am having a lot of fun with her hair these days; I just play with her's while I wait for mine to grow out! My goal is to have it looking as long and lustrous as the oldest sister in Pride & Prejudice (the one with Kiera Knightly). That should only take, oh, about three more years or so.

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