Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Own Private Beach

We had so much fun playing in our new kiddie pool yesterday. Oma and our friends Dan, Anjee and Lucas came to play. The weather has been amazing, and for anyone who knows Alaska, you know you have to take advantage of gorgeous days like the ones we've been having this week. I actually got a little sunburned yesterday. A dear friend of ours bought the kiddie pool for her little doggy and the doggy didn't want the pool, so we inherited it! Hooray! Thank you Linda and Princess Lola!!!

Yes the beer bottle is empty... =)


  1. So fun! Remember when we would come over and swim in the kiddie pool at your house? :)Joe (your cousin)

  2. YES! Those were such good times. I was thinking back to all the games we played: dolphin trainers, olympics, mermaids, lifeguard - it's amazing how much you can do with one kiddie pool and 9 imaginations. =)