Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sniffing Markers

So yesterday my adorable 3 year old was using a marker that writes on glass. I had given her permission to write on our big hallway mirror. Everything was going perfectly until she said, "Mmmm, I like to smell this marker." I said, don't do that, it hurts your body. Then she got worried so I clarified that only a little probably wouldn't hurt her so she proceeds to sniff it again and said, "I'm just doing a little." At the bottom of this rabbit-hole I found myself saying,

1. Don't do it again.

2. It hurts kid's brains.

3. Do you want to not be smart anymore?

Oh geez. I'm THAT mom. Also the substance abuse talk? I thought I was going to have to do that... not now.

1 comment:

  1. You need to get her the Mr. Sketch markers that smell like blueberries and licorice and mint and the like. I always laughed because after coloring, my kids had colored dots on their noses!