Monday, October 31, 2011

More Pictures From NYC

One night in New York, Mary and I walked to the Hudson River. When we came back home Jason had cooked an amazing Italian meal from scratch for us. It was heaven.

Yeah, I'm the crazy lady taking pictures of the pumpkins in Whole Foods. You just have to live in Fairbanks to understand why being in a Whole Foods feels like a magical wonderland.

Not to gross anyone out, but I realized I didn't post any pictures of myself in New York... and the only one I could find was of me making out. Sorry. And I'm totally lying. There's lots of other pictures.

For tradition's sake, we got another photo of the cool statue at the Natural History Museum. I still don't know at all what it is or who made it. We just had to take another picture since we did last time we were in NYC.

Mia was a real trooper at the Natural History Museum. It's really big! We were there for approximately 5 hours.

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