Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mia Turns Two!

Mia turned two on December 12th. We had a lovely surprise when a friend offered to make a cake for her birthday. It was simply breathtaking! When Mia woke up from her nap on her birthday and I ran her downstairs to see her cake, she exclaimed, "Pwetty!" Little sugar butterflies and gorgeous handmade flowers along with miniature cats (that have now moved to the tub) adorned it. Besides being beautiful it was also delicious! Thank you Jennifer and family for the wonderful treat! We had family over to open presents after dinner and we all enjoyed the evening together.

The amazing birthday cake!

Playing with her new toys from Granddad and Roselynn.

The day after birthday with her new harmonica from Oma. She pretends it is a camera most days! =)

Now that Mia is two she gets two vitamins every day instead of one and I think that's been the biggest change in her life. She loves her vitamins since they pretty much taste like candy. She is also talking up a storm and I'm getting to be an expert on interpreting. We talk about where everyone sleeps and if everyone she knows eats and other interesting things. It's amazing how you think you're having the most fun possible and then a new phase develops and it's even more fun! Right now she is very into drumming and we have either an empty oatmeal cannister or paint can in our living room for drumming every day. A small hand drum with mallets is on it's way to Alaska and I'm very excited to improve the asthetics of our living room as well as provide her with a real instrument to play on. When she was really little she used to drum her feet on the floor and would get mad if we tried to cushion her heels. What we figured out is that she wanted to hear the rythm! She kicked her little feet constantly and now she drums on everything. It's such a heart-warming thing for me because I think she might of inherited the gene from my brother Liam who now plays several instruments. So we're encouraging it.

I will post pics later from our holidays and all the fun we've been having outside in the snow. We've had some really decent days above zero lately so we've been able to play without getting too cold too fast.

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  1. Looks like a LOVERLY cake - happy b'day Mia! 2 is a wonnerful age!