Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma Anne

For a moment time stood still last night. I saw everything but saw nothing. Then I realized I was still grating carrots for the cake I was making, but with glazed over eyes. Sesame Street droned on in the background. I think I grated a part of my finger around that time. I got a call about my Grandmother. She had a medical procedure done last night and she's going to be fine. But for several all-consuming moments I thought of her, coming to Alaska to take care of me when I was sick, cooking for me, scrubbing floors on her hands and knees, taking care of an 8 month-old baby; did I mention she was in her seventies at the time? She's a super-hero. She helps others when they are in need and doesn't need much herself. Only yesterday afternoon I was thinking about her advice for roasting chicken, and attempting one of my own. One of my most treasured possessions is a piece of yellow note paper that I asked her to write her baked chicken, salad dressing, and hollandaise sauce recipes on. Right there, in her handwriting is the real deal. I know it's right because she wrote it. I have referenced that paper so many times since she gave it to me in 2008... and yesterday I realized I am nowhere close to reconciling any idea of her mortality. Oh mine I've come face to face with but some people just seem like they'll live forever and she's one of them. So thank goodness for everything that's made it possible for her to shop and scrub another day! Love you Grandma Anne. I promise to make you a really good chicken the next time I get the chance!

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  1. Beautifully said, She. Glad to hear Grandma Anne is a-okay.