Monday, January 17, 2011

Strange Behavior

This morning is a little on the chilly side, a mild -31* F.... nothing we can't grit our teeth and bear. Just a chance to remind ourselves that the economy is really good here in comparison to some other places in the US and we have a lot to be thankful for.

On this cold morning I went to the gym where I struggled to catch up with my dear husband who is two miles ahead at this point. As I got out of the car to come up my walk and back home, some strange behavior caught my eye. A man was running, from the front of a house to the side of it; he looked like a burglar sneaking around. Then I realized the poor guy is just trying to get to his car faster because it is so freaking cold!!!

I also happened to catch a glance of my reflection in a window and... let's just say maybe I should have utilized a mirror before leaving the gym. Due to the cold, I put a hoodie on under my peacoat to keep my sweaty hair from freezing, and unintentionally popped the collar on my peacoat, so I looked like I was trying to make a fashion statement of some kind, which was not the case.

Cold weather makes people do strange things. Deep, isn't it? Time for caffeine, bye-bye.

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