Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Can Poop in the Potty Like Elmo...

PTT - Potty Training Trenches... this is Sheila. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know what happened to me. I am on day 3 of Potty Training Attempt no. 2 , 3? The first time I gave up and backed off for medical reasons. Apparently someone can "hold it" for several days in their aversion to the potty and I figured that was not a good long-term solution. So we are trying again. In potty-related news I have made up a new potty song:

You can poop in the potty like Elmo, like Alleke, and like Xaniel,
Like Mommy and Daddy...
You don't have to cry
And I'll tell you why
You can poop in the potty like Elmo! (Repeat song for several hours)

Alleke is a little girl who has a potty training video on YouTube... Mia loves the video and now can do several of the steps by herself. Xaniel is our neighbor who was visiting us yesterday and Mia was quite impressed that he went potty in the big potty. Along with peer pressure I am also using bribes extensively. Last night she stayed dry all night. One less load of laundry for me right now is equivalent to a voice from heaven. I will update when mission accomplished. If I never update... may God have mercy on my soul.

We finally had enough snow to build a snowman; today's temperatures in the thirties may be his death, but we had fun and so far he hasn't been vandalized. We also had a lot of fun Halloween weekend, a kid's costume party at a friend's house and chili contest at church on Saturday, dressing up and trick or treating, plus veggie lasagna at Dad's house. Jason carved our coolest jack-o-lantern ever and Mia and I (with a lot of time at home focusing on the potty) did some kid rolls yesterday that were really fun. The higher than normal temps feel wonderful but the roads are not the best. If the roads are bad, the skies are awesome to make up for it. I took a picture of the sunrise which was pink, orange, and yellow with the bare trees looking like black lace against it... that's for you Bethy!

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  1. Great blog, great pictures! Good luck with the potty!